Mind: Coaching - Your Life Gym
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Mind: Coaching

What I do…..

I’m a heart-centred coach and personal development teacher. Through my 1:1 work, I guide individuals to build the confidence you need to step into a more rewarding and fulfilling experience of life. I help unlock passion and life purpose, I guide people to re-discover their confidence and self trust and as my clients courageously let go what’s crushing their spirits, I hold them through the process. In my work I help people reconnect with a courage, confidence, clarity and meaning in their lives.


My idea of coaching is different from many of the other companies around. My coaching processes are holistic and centred around creating a sustainable vision of success, this means honouring all aspects of your life. My processes are designed to help guide you into a life which is infused with meaningful work/living, time for your loved ones and time out to simply do what you love and enjoy being you.

Through my gentle, nurturing and supportive coaching systems, I guide clients to appreciate, love and really care for themselves. As they become stronger I watch them  blossom naturally into their full potential

Who I work with…..

People come to my work at various stages in their lives.


Life coaching starts with the basics. In order for us to reach our potential in any area of life we need to be sure strong foundations in place. These are made up of met-needs, wants, healthy beliefs and getting clear of pain from the past. Until you eliminate the few wobbly stones the rest will feel unstable and will eventually tumble down.

Level 1 – Strong Foundations

Level 2 – Goals, Dream Creation and Sheer Joy & Bliss

Level 3 – The Visionary

Level 1 – Strong Foundations

See if you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions:

  • You see other people you know you’re better than getting the breaks in life/love/career
  • You want changes but don’t know how to make them
  • Passion, what passion?
  • You have X amount of weight to lose despite trying every diet and knowing the calorie content of everything from a prawn to a poppadom
  • You always attract losers or users
  • You want to reach your potential in life
  • You’re tired of your inner critic holding you back
  • If only you could be more confident you would write that book/tell that person where to get off/go for it
  • You suffer with the “imposter syndrome” – everyone will find you out soon
  • Procrastination is your middle name
  • Money’s allergic to you
  • Your time keeping gets you into trouble

Level 2 – Create Yourself – Goals, Dream Creation and Sheer Joy & Bliss.

Not all of my coaching is about the painful things in the past or present that are holding you back. The next step for a lot of successful people is how to take their businesses or lives onto a higher level of satisfaction. If this is you, you may want to:

  • Take your career to the next rung up
  • Have more leisure time
  • Start to follow that Big Dream that wont go away
  • Make (even) more money
  • Increase your community
  • Start something so new it makes your heart leap
  • Work from home
  • Recreate the honeymoon period
  • Think more creatively
  • Live with meaning and purpose
  • Work smarter not harder

Level 3 – Be the Change

This is the ultimate. You may have achieved most things you have set out to do. Life’s good, no, it’s great! You are grateful for all you have but what next? This is the highest peak of your potential when you may want to:

  • Make a BIG difference
  • Change the world in some way
  • Start a charity
  • Put something back
  • Pass on your good fortune
  • Do something no one has thought of
  • Be a trailblazer

I believe we can all reach for more than we ever dreamed possible.

Don’t you wish that for yourself too? How about using me as a Personal Life Coach to help work out your options and develop a strategy for the way forward?

Coaching can be face to face or over the phone for individual sessions. Alternatively you could run sessions at your workplace, organisation or interest group.