Yoga - Your Life Gym
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Yoga is something that can become part of your life forever, changing it for the better and leading you to a healthier mind and body. It combines your mind, breath and body bringing you true fitness, inner strength, clarity and calm.

By practicing yoga and meditation we can bring awareness to our thought patterns, feelings and aspirations. Through yoga we can begin to explore our behaviours, gain awareness of thoughts and begin to understand how they affect our choices and in-turn our lives. Yoga can help with attention retention, creativity, imagination and problem solving.

Yoga can bring clarity to our hearts and minds. The breath guides you through poses as it carries you through life.

Yoga is a practice. The more we practice the better we feel, the better the poses feel. Life is also such a practice. We aren’t born knowing, we are learning through life.

Yoga can help unlock emotional awareness which can lead to mastering a discipline of emotional behaviours and help with stress management.

Some of the key benefits of practicing yoga are:

Weight maintenance
Builds core strength
Decreases blood pressure
Reduces stress and anxiety
Massages all internal glands
Detoxifies the body

I will help you discover your true potential and find your yoga body because ever body is a yoga body. Most of us are limited by our own beliefs, but with practice and self-belief you can do anything. I am here to show you how to start or develop your yoga practice with simplicity and enjoyment.

My sessions are acessible for all and we’ll have some fun with yoga play time, where you can try out new poses without the pressure of getting it perfect.