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We provide empowering workouts for Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions.  Our services are geared towards both individuals and organisations.  We have many years of experience and a wealth of satisfied customers.  We are passionate about what we do.  Find out more about us and then let us know how we can help!

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We provide a wide range of support for individuals, including counselling, coaching and fitness training. If there is an area of your life – whether Mind, Body, Spirit or Emotions – that needs attention, we can help!

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We provide a range of services for organisations, from small non-profits to large corporates. All packages can be tailored to address specific organisation issues. Please review our services and get in touch to discuss your needs!

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Please browse our website to get more of an idea of the services that we offer and which ones might be appropriate to you, then get in touch. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, we’d be very happy to talk to you about your issues or requirements in more detail.

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At ease immediately

“Margaret created a really welcoming, safe and non-intimidating environment to explore sensitive issues and I felt at ease immediately. Margaret provided plenty of tools for me to give myself a long overdue ‘kick start’, and I came away feeling a lot more positive about life.”

Your Life Gym customer

Natural ability

“Margaret has a natural ability to put you at ease. She immediately sees the best in people and sees your potential, long before you have even dreamt of it.”

Your Life Gym customer

Goals now achievable

“I came out of the session feeling more positive about things having talked through my emotional stoppers and realized that my life goals are now achievable with a bit of hard work and focus. I’m really excited about working with Margaret again.”

Your Life Gym customer

Leaps and bounds

“After the first four or five sessions, the quality and quantity of my creative work had improved leaps and bounds and I was gaining a level of recognition for my output that I had not experienced previously. I would recommend life coaching in general – and Your Life Gym in particular – without hesitation.”

Your Life Gym customer

Goals now achievable

“Margaret really helped me to get my life organized. She gave me some great tips on how to organise my life and I was able to work out my priorities and feel good about what I achieved. I have a completely different way of looking at life now!”

Your Life Gym customer

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Who Are We?

Margaret Cawley founded Your Life Gym based on over 10 years’ experience in the fields of Coaching, Personal Development and Change Management. She is a strategic intervention coach, NLP practitioner and transformational workshop leader.